Friday, September 30, 2011


... you guys.  My garden has been a little neglected but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  At this point in time I am able to focus more on my hobbie activities than ever before.   I have built up quite a collection of things over the last two years in anticipation of this freedom.  Therefore, I have all kinds of crafting stuff, kits, cards, stamps, and I have tools of all short, I've got a lot of stuff, and I intend to have as much fun as I can with them.

It's not appropriate to share this type of info on PC's MB.  But I can here!  Reality is we have questions sometimes about non-PC products.  As I work through, I will share here what I learned in the process or experience and maybe it will help you answer some questions you may have about different products.   If you want to ask me about something specific, if I'm familiar with it I will let you know what I know about that product.  My opinions are not considered an endorsement for these products, just me telling you what I (me, myself, I) think about a product I've used.  If I like it, I will tell you I like it and why.  If I don't like it, I will tell you I don't like it and try to tell you why I don't like it.  My liking or not liking a product is based on what my particular needs are and that's all I can share with you.  It's always a good idea to research any product you purchase to minimize the chance of wasting your money.

Here's a treat.  It rained for most of the weekend, but I was able to share this moment with a 5-year-old.  It was her first real one.  Oh, we jumped up and down, we ooohhh and awwed, giggled -- oh, what a joyful moment.  We danced like nobody was looking! :)

Got lots of  copic swatches to share. So please check back.  I think I have developed a "solution" to one of copic problems.  Haven't seen it anywhere so far. They say necessity is the mother of invention.   And you know with me, ways to cleaning up a mess is crucial.   No matter how perfect I try to be I still make oopsies.  So I need ways to clean up those oopsies rather than start all over.
Thanks for stopping buy.  Will have more copic stuff up in the next day or so.