Saturday, February 23, 2013

Markers, a scanner, and PhotoShop

So, I got my new scanner all set up to play around with this picture.  This is one of my Sassy Studio Designs.  It's called "Christmas Present."  In case you weren't aware, Regan at SSD has decided to put family first and spend more time with her little boy.   So there will be no more freebies from SSD on Fridays.  Total bummer!

This photo shows the colored image on copic coloring card stock.  This is the image I scanned onto the computer to use in Photoshop.  If you look closely, you can see that I could not have used the same markers when coloring her bottom bow.  The bow is the actual color I wanted to use and I colored it first.  However, it's obvious I did not use the same maker for the other part of her clothing.  Why I thought this would be a good image to play with in Photoshop and see what I could do.

I purposefully colored her very dark with my tan Promarker.  It was nice to be able to manipulate the colors.  Here the color of the entire image, her skin, hair, and clothing is lightened.   The difference in the colors is more noticeable, too.

Even lighter here.  And I wanted to try a technique of going back over the hair to give it some thickness or fullness with one of the grey markers in areas throughout the hair.   So I printed her out and worked with markers on the new Photoshop image and scanned it again.
This is the final result.  But you know me.  I never know when to really leave my images alone, so I kept playing with it.  At least when you're working on the computer you can undo or not save any results you don't like. :)  I still wanted to see if I could get those red colors looking more the same.
In the process of trying to get the red colors to look more the same, I had to lighten her up quite a bit.  But this is where I left it.  I think I should be able to fix all the flaws in this image, but I don't have those skills yet.  So I'm sure I'll pull her up one day and play some more in Photoshop and learn something new and wonderful.  I would love to be able to fix the darker shading lines on her arm, make her blush a bit lighter, and of course, fix those reds.  Then one day I should be able to change the color of her clothes entirely.  Woooo, hoooo! 

Isn't technology amazing.  I can scan all of my colorings and print them from Photoshop.  If I had to do 100 invitations, I could just print them off.  Of course, they'd be flat, so I'd have to do some embellishments or print off extra and use pop dots to give it some dimension.  I think these are things I should be able to do with Photoshop.  But you all know I only bought it because it was a good price and lots of you sang its praises and told me it was worth it.

Time will tell.  My Photoshop adventures have begun.  But for now I'm back to my markers.  I don't have the patience to work with Photoshop often.

I hope you found something inspiring or helpful from this post.  Keep coloring and crafting, and stay out of trouble.  As always --
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

You Can Do This With Just One Marker

It's been over a week since I last posted something.  I've been coloring and have lots of swatches.  There's something I would like to tell you about each one of them.  Don't know if I'll get through all of them, but some of the most memorable ones I know I'll post.  a Robert Jackson image called "The Bather."

This is something I've been wanting to demonstrate about Promarkers.   This picture was colored with only one Promarker color, tan.  That's it.  Each layer of color gives you a darker, deeper color in the same tone.  I'm not sure how many layers there really are in the first picture, but I figured it would be about two or three at the time I started with the pictures.  This beautiful image is one of Robert Jackson's, and it's called "The Bather."

2x or 3x
Once I got to this point, I figured I'd just go all the way.  So the rest of the pictures show the color changes as I put down each layer.  The last picture that shows some of the different color levels or tones you can get from just one color of marker.
Of course this works with any of the Promarkers as well as other markers.  It seems to me to be more noticeable with Promarkers than Copics because Copics have lots of colors.  With Promarkers you have some "in between" colors that are "missing."  By just adding layers of colors, you can pretty much get some of those "missing" colors with Promarkers, and probably other alcohol markers, allowing you to do a pretty good job of blending and shading.   If you could see close up you would notice I even fuzzied her slippers and added texture to her hair. Happy, happy, happy.
Go play with those markers, people.  Take something out and color it.  This is the only way you can find out how the markers work so you can make them work for you. 
Keep coloring, crafting, and stay out of trouble.  As always --
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