Sunday, March 31, 2013

I get so excited when I "fix" something.  I've learned to fix things because I mess things up.  This beautiful image is "Rose" by Lena Raven.  You can find her gallery here:

I had so much fun coloring all those curls, and painstakingly colored them one at a time so they would be as perfect as I could get them.  Figured I'd better do the curls first and if they didn't go okay, I'd toss it and start over.  The curls turned out really well, so I continued on to her skin.  The first pic shows what happened.   I haven't learned the how and why of the colors becoming mottled.  So this is what I had.

The first thing I did was go over it with a coat of Ice Grey 1, which is a very light grey.  Yuck.  I went over it with the colorless blender.  Double yuck.  Go back over again with the Coral, Sunkissed Pink, and Blush.  Worse yuck. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind, back where the add grey suggestion had been, came another suggestion -- colored pencils.  So with the pencils I started.  I tried peach first.  Then some more peach.  Next I thought maybe use mineral spirits with the pencil.  Couldn't get any worse.  So with a stub and mineral spirits I went at it until it blended.  Not much better, but not too bad.  Then I thought, okay, try white.  So I went over it with a coat of white pencil, then another coat.  Not bad at all.  What if I added the mineral spirits?  So I did.

After smoothing the white with spirits, I had a smooth shiny surface.  I went back over with the original Promarker colors.  And this is the results. 

The original is not something I would use on a project, but it photographs nicely and would probably scan just as well.  I'm so happy because I thought I would lose those beautiful curls and pink ribbons.  LOL

I get out my markers and play with them.  This is how I learn about the inks and papers and colors and other media.  The reason this worked, although not perfect, is because the colored pencils and spirits laid down a waxy coat and alcohol markers can be used on a waxy coat.  When I start a swatch, the best outcome is that I can use it in a project, either the original, a photograph, or a scan.  For the next week or so, I will look at this piece here on my work table and smile.  I'll feel joy, and I'll feel happiness.  And that's why I color.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My First Coloring Freebie

I'm going to try to post these at least once a week on Wednesday, by Thursday for sure. There may be times I will post once a day or several in one day. 

Here is one of my favorite images from Sureya on Deviant Arts.   Sureya's gallery is full of images that are excellent to practice techniques with.

I colored her in Promarkers.  The only colors I wrote down are for her hair:  Burnt Sienna, Caramel, and Cinnamon.  For the gold trim I used a gold glitter pen.  This one is free for all.  There will be times where being a follower will work in your favor, but that's your choice to make. You may download either or both.  Just make sure you give credit where its due.

Please upload your work to any or all of the galleries listed below.  I frequent them often so I will be able to see your creations.  And, of course, comments are always welcome.  A comment could be as simple as "TY" for "thank you" or  you can share a coloring tip with us.  I just want you to tell me what you think. 

The Outlawz Challenges blog's gallery

Scraps of Color gallery

Through the Craftroom Door gallery

You can post on one or all three. If you check out the challenges you may be able to enter your project and win something.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Crossroads and Freebies

I've reached a crossroad.  I started this blog so that we could have a place to learn and encourage each other to color.   I've learned about markers, colored pencils, digi stamps, papers, and inks.  

So, what now?   Challenges?  Design teams?

I'm not very good at card making without a kit, and I really don't like having to make them, which is what you do to enter most challenges.  Reading the requirements for a design team member makes me want to take a pill and lay down.  Never mind the qualifications. The responsibilities to be on some teams gives me palpitations.  Since I'm already one french-fry short of a happy meal, my doctor would become suspicious at the increased drug usage and may want to send me to rehab.  LOL

I have decided to post some of my coloring and swatches here as freebies.  You may use them for your personal card or crafting project only.  Ask for an okay if you want to use it for something else.  I will let you know the artists of the images and where you can get a copy of an uncolored image.  There are some great images artists make available to us without charge.  We know what Angel Policy and Terms of Use means.  Please respect the work of others as you would want your own work respected.

I hope you find something inspirational or useful when you visit here.  I am always inspired when I visit your blogs and galleries to see your amazing cards and crafts.

So I'll be staying in my lane and keep coloring.  I color because of the joy it brings to my heart and the peace it brings to my mind.  Coloring is my happy place.

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