Monday, September 8, 2014


I have been MIA for quite awhile now.  My hubby has been very ill, so I've had to let some things go so I can be available to help him as much as he needs.

Still at a crossroads as to where to go with this blog.  Do you prefer a whole new blog if somebody you follow change their focus?  I named this blog my garden because there are several thing that I do that I might want to share here.  My coloring with Copics will continue to improve as I continue to color.  I have been giving a lot of time to jewelry making.  Trying to find something that is artistic but has an appeal that someone would be willing to pay for.  Not much, though.  My focus is still on the artistic, creative nature vs. cash.  So if someone saw something they liked, unless it has sentimental value, I would sell it to them if they wanted it enough to pay for it.  So both are a consideration but artistic and relaxing remains key.  This is what I do to find joy and peace of mind amid the chaos we call life.

Just letting you know I have not forgotten that you're here and that that's important to me.  Once my hubby is better I will definitely post something.  I always have swatches that I've colored and some pieces of jewelry I have made that I could take pics and post. 

Until next time, as always --
Thanks for stopping by!