Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shoes and Tags

Yeaaaaaa, a new post!

Seems like forever since I posted something new.  I've spent the last month going to visit other blogs and making sure of the blogs I follow since the demise of the Goggle Reader.  You all have so much amazingly good stuff it's hard to just visit and comment without looking around.  So much fun.  

SOC's current challenge is Tags, Tags, Tags.  This one for you shoe shoppers out there. 
I had to get this tag done, didn't I, Dr. AA.  LOL
I'm going to laminate it and use it as a fob for my keychain.

The image is by Robert Jackson.  Robert has a collection of shoe images that I collect and color.  His latest collection is of drinks, like Margarita and Bloody Mary ... I colored the beautiful orange shoe with Copics, wrote them down, but can't remember where.

When I uploaded my the pictures from the camera, I noticed so many images I've colored and have done nothing with.  I really want you all to see these images from these artists, so I've got to get the lead out. 

In the meantime, as always --
Thanks for stopping by!