Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tilda Shopping

I love Tilda, and I'm so happy she's become one of my little girls.  I posted this one on the Cricut MB for the weekly color challenge and the monthly challenge.   I cleaned up an oopsie, so now she's just fine.  I used Paper Wishes specialty papers and Dazzles, and of course, my copics to color.

Tilda Shopping

My sisters and I were doll lovers.  We would play with paper dolls and Barbies for days on end.  Like little soap operas.   There was always tension for Ken whenever a GI Joe was around because we preferred GI Joes.  GI Joes had muscles, and they could bend and put their arm around Barbie instead of just straight out like Ken. LOL

To make our Barbies pregnant, we would tape these tiny little baby dolls that were put together by rubber bands to their stomach until the birth date.  Red yarn served as tubing for a blood transfusion.  We were an imaginative crew, and my mother's soaps sparked the inspiration.

I still have a love of dolls and paper dolls.  I used to wonder why old ladies seem to have a lot of dolls.  Now I know, not that I'm old, but I do have a hankering to play with and dress up dolls since I'm not as busy as I once was.

I fell in love with Magnolia's Tildas when I picked up my first issue of Cardmaker magazine.  Little did I know I would eventually have a small collection of my own.  I've been coloring them with copics, and when they turn out almost as beautiful as the ones I see in the magazines my heart is filled with joy, and I wish I could have that feeling every day, all the time.

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  1. Your coloring is fantastic! I love the whole card, it's so pretty!

  2. Really the flowers and colors.Your colored her perfect.