Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Ugly and A Bit About Paper

Okay, so this started when I accidentally printed out one of my Sassy Studio Designs images on a bright white, 97-pound premium color laser paper.  I set out to color with my Promarkers to see how the ink would work with this paper as it's not as thin as regular copy paper. 

So far so good.  Dress and arms look really good. 
On to face and hair.  Now, it looks good from here --
-- but -- Yikes!  Hair color bled onto face and eye whites not white.
Okay, no problem.  Use the blender pen to push color back into her hair and white pen to white up the whites of her eyes.  Looks good, but my paper is a wrinkling.  I know why it's wrinkling, but I'll see if you guess it before I tell you. 
Used a little eye liner.   That left one looks wacky.  I give up. 
Why did this happen?   This is the back side of the coloring. Wow! That's a lot of ink! I could tell right off that I was going to use a lot of ink because even though I tried to color lightly, it took several go overs to lay the color. Normally I would have stopped and tossed early on, but thought it would make a good post on papers.
This weight of paper is used for brochures.  It's heavier and shinier than regular copy paper, so it seems like it may be a good paper for coloring with markers, especially if you're going to be cutting your image out.  For small images, maybe.  But for a large image, you'll use (waste) too much ink.  Honestly, if I were using my Copic markers, I would have done an ink check and would never have used them with this paper.
This paper literally began to fuzz up when you work in one area too long.  I colored as lightly as I could.  I knew the paper couldn't soak up that much ink and not tear.  I used the extra fine nibs sparingly as it would tend to weaken the paper, making it prone to fuzzing. 
What paper you use is sooo important.  It can make or break your project and increase your frustration using markers.   Markers are best when used on paper made specifically for alcohol inks.  Some of them don't bleed to the other side at all.   None.  Nada. Nil.
Girlfriend's dress is kicking. 
 So off with her head.  I'll give her a new one and use this image in a project in the future. 
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  1. Thanks for your visit PJ!
    I love the dress you colored!!
    maybe you can make her a masquerade woman, that dress is too beautiful to waiste.
    I use very thin copic paper and a thicker one if I use dies, but not all satisfied with it, still searching for the perfect paper:-)

  2. That's a great idea, Sandra. I love it when people share their brains with me. Thanks.

  3. Hello, saw your post on TTCRD, really like your creations, your coloring is good, wish mine where better, LOL. Come visit me if you like. Here's my blog, I follow you already by the way... :)


    Hugs and happy crafting
    Chris B.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to learn to use my markers and your blog info is very helpful. Oh and I love your work!!