Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still Blog Hopping

I'm still blog hopping.  There are so many blogs and so many talented people, and I continue to hop because I continue to be amazed at the artistry and creativity found in blog land.   I visit blogs of those who follow my blog, and I visit blogs that I have said I would visit and leave comments.  Of course, one blog leads to another blog and another blog and another blog ... you can get lost in a vortex.

I'll be the first to express my appreciation to the artists who share their images either as freebies on their blogs and websites as well as those who offer them for sale.  I support an artist's right to profit from their creativity and do not use any unauthorized images here on my blog nor privately. Strictly a no piracy policy.

I'm sharing a post here that I made on my Facebook page in response to the what's on your mind question.  It's just something to think about if you happen to be one of those folks who offer your images for sale.  

"What's on my mind today is the cost of digi stamps. Just about a year ago, you could get a really good digi for $1.00 and exceptional ones for $1.50. Then it changed to $1.50 to $1.75 for a good one; $2.00 for an exceptional one. Now most new digis come out priced at $4.00 to $4.50.

I certainly don't want to dictate what prices people charge for their items. However, I have yet to pay $4.00 for a digi stamp. Problem is I used to get 4 digis for that price. Prices go up, I know. But am I really going to pay $16 for four digi stamps? Nope. So I avoid the pricey ones. No matter how much I like the artist -- and I have my favs -- I will not pay $4.00 for one of their digis.

Several artists have collections of digis, i.e., Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Nursery Rhymes, etc.  If there are 5 images in the set at $4.00 that's $20.00.  I don't bother trying to keep up with those collections because it limits my ability to buy digis I like from several artists rather than settling on just one or two.

I truly appreciate those who give their top-quality digis as freebies and/or keep their prices low enough that a person can purchase several and not have to pick just one."

Rubber stamps and clear stamps seems to have been replaced by digital images because of cost.  There are pros and cons with each type of stamp for both the buyer and the seller.  While keeping costs down for the buyer, digi stamps also decrease time, energy, and cost to the seller.  I'm sure things will balance out and settle at a place where both the buyer and the seller can benefit mutually.  In the meantime, to any sellers that are aware that cost could be prohibitive for some of their buyers and keep their prices reasonable, I say thank you, and I want you to know you are appreciated.

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  1. sweetpea...i just found your blog. I Read your post about the cost of digi stamps...I agree that there are some that charge too much, however- I just had a thought (and will be posting regarding this tomorrow) Part of the reason I personally charge 2.75 for my digis is that booth Etsy and Paypal take a portion of the sale for their own.In addition, it costs me monthly to have my listings on Etsy , so after they are finished taking their cut, I might clear 1.50$ if I am lucky. Just a thought

  2. Anji, you should profit from your work if you want to. Online service fees are often the culprit in making a listing not cost-effective. Fees create frustration to both buyers and the sellers.

    I was just posting what was on my mind at the time. For me, paying $3.50-$4.00+ for a digi is not for me. If I were in a business that required digis, I may just consider it the cost of doing business. I set a limit on the cost of digis because of the cost of markers. Given the choice of a new marker or pen for $4, I'm going with the marker. But there's somebody who works with less markers to be able to afford digis. That's just the way it is. Can you image paying the same for a marker and a digi? Seems kind of me.

  3. Doing a blog bounce back!! you were the first one to visit my new blog so I would like to send you some blog candy!!! please send me an address to send the goodies to. Thanks Kelly from

  4. You're so kind to want to send me candy. Your coming to visit and leave me a comment is gift enough. Thanks.