Thursday, May 21, 2015

Been Coloring -- Digitally!

Yep!  I've been coloring digitally.  Something that I didn't think I would ever do.  I haven't been able to spend much time in my "studio" area  to color.  But I've been able to use my tablet during doctor appointments and other waiting periods.  Why not learn something new and keep the brain cells alive.

So here's my new coloring.  'Tis the season for graduations.  My husband's youngest daughter has just completed her master's in education.  The look on this girl's face is kind of like mine when I started coloring and thought "I can really do this."  The digi is from and by Robert Jackson.  You can find it here with lots of others: 

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  1. Hello, and thanks for your recent visit. Always so good to be back in touch with a fellow blogger. Read your cute post about the digital coloring, and I'm so impressed. It's something I certainly have never tried, but it looks like such fun. (would come in so handy too!). Congrats on your daughter's milestone accomplishment, and can just guess how very proud all of you are, with her hard work and impressive achievement. That's such a cute & happy, joyful image! I'd feel the same way at learning how to color digitally. Just reading an older post about your DH's illness & health issues. How scary & awful. Hope that all of this is way far behind him by now, and that each day, he's mending & feeling better. I'm sure the graduation was just the ticket to make him feel happier. Hugs to all of you, and please tell the graduate: WELL DONE! That was a lot of very hard work to go through, so she can be very proud of herself! TFS & hope the upcoming week is a good one for you.