Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Love To Color...

When I first got this digi from Tiare Smith, I downloaded it right onto my tablet.  It was a first for her and just getting it downloaded onto my tablet to work with was a first for me. Tiare was brave enough to try something new and look at her results.  A piece of art she could share with us.  Her determination made me determined to take on digital coloring and not give up.  

I colored one of these in April 2015, the other in September 2015.  You can note improvement, even though they both have elements that I like.  Just like with everything else, you learn the basics, then you keep practicing and practicing, and develop your own style.  You can get better in a short amount of time.
 April 2015
September 2015

To download a digi to your tablet, you save it as a photo image and import it into whatever digital program you are using. You can find more of Tiare's art, mixed media, and art journaling at

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  1. Pretty! Love how you changed up her hair. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. This one is special to me. So glad you liked it.