Friday, November 23, 2012

Robert Jackson Digi Challenge - 2nd Entry

So short and sweet -- hopefully helpful -- didn't think I would get this one done, but I did.   It's Dionne Warwick.  I used Promarkers and Copics.  After coloring her face and hair, I didn't want to practice on a fur technique (which I think is what she usually wears) and take the chance of messing it up, so I used glitter on the collar. 

One other thing...I have been buying the fine tips for all of my Promarkers. 

Can you see how close you can get in those tiny spots!  There's a little overflow, but I pushed it back with the blender pen.  You can see on the top one that I was able to keep the four earrings looking like four earrings rather than a blob.  Of course you may not have that problem. 

The fine tips are not very expensive.  These are metal tips,  not nibs.  You get three in a pack for about less about $2.38.  I've been buying 10 a month until I get them all done.  I love using them, and you only have to pop them off when you need a regular tip, and pop them right back on, no need for nibs and tweezers.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Excellent job with the Promarkers. How do you blend with them?

  2. I layer them at the edges (where they meet). Sometimes I use the blender pen on the portion where the two colors meet. Stay tuned. I'll post some swatches.