Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Cuddlebug Cutie! and New Combo for Blonde

Wow, the boards are really slow.  I guess you guys are all busy with activities of the season, so we'll give you a pass for the next couple weeks. LOL

This little freebie cutie is one of the "Cuddlebug Cuties."  I love, love, love them. They are so much fun to color.  There's usually lots of hair and a face large enough to use for new techniques.  Her name is Maggie, and she's done in all Copics.

I have been looking for a really blond blond, not too much brown, not too much red, not too much yellow.  This combination came from Magnolia Ink magazine, the magazine for those adorable Maggies.  This beautiful blond combo consists of Copic markers E50, E53, and E55.

Of course, there are lots of other things I like about this image.  I like to see little girls with their cute denim skirt, and I like the blending and shading on it, same with her T-shirt.
Now, the eyes can be better.  They are much too blue.  Either I didn't do it or it doesn't show the shading in her eye color.  There should be some darker shading up close to the top eyelid.  That's why I love these little cuties.  The things you'd like to work with are large enough to work with and really see what you're doing.  I look for images with lots of hair, skin, eyes, and a face large enough to practice blending, shading, and blushing.  

Please feel free to share your combos here.  I will try them and share here.  Variety is the spice of life.  But sometimes we like having that go-to combo that just works for us.  So we newbies are always looking for something that is tried and true when we need quick

I hope someone found something helpful here.  Why not stop by Cuddlebug Cuties, see what they've got that you like, and leave them a comment.

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  1. Tia: I saw your posting on SOC and thought I would stop by. I have to admit this is a busy time of the year, but I wanted to let you know your blog is wonderful and so are your cards. I'll stop by again real soon.

  2. Hey PJ!!Love your image and coloring of her! I have a whole slew of hair color to give you but need an email address to send them. I'll write you a really good way to get blog traffic to your postings. Write me at Hugz sweetie, I am leaving for out of town on Saturday and will be gone for a week so if I don't hear from you tomorrow I will email you as soon as I get home-ok? Hugz and don't get discourage, your coloring is great!:) Colleen

  3. Hi, your card is fabulous and the coloring is fantastic. I found you on The Outlawz, I am now following you.

  4. Can't thank you guys enough for coming over to see my post. It really means a lot and makes a difference.

  5. Hiya sweetpea! It's great to see you on the challenge. It's always nice when you pop in and say hi. Yes, we're still keeping the sketch challenge alive even through this slow busy holiday season. Some members aren't as busy as others and they come by the challenge more often than others... basically it's a hang out place for old friends to see each other.

    Your Copics coloring and shading is wonderful! Keep up the good work. beautiful highlighting on the hair


  6. I am in awe of your coloring! Great job.

  7. Love your card PJ!!
    The hair combo is beautiful, I sure will try this :)
    Hugs,Sandra ( Outlawz)

  8. Hi Sweetpea, glad to see you come by RAQ's challenge! You have been missed!
    I see you are really getting into copic coloring! I just love to color! :) It's fun isn't it! It just brings the digis to life! Great job on your coloring!

  9. Hi sweetpea. I like how you critque your work as you go along. I too have some of the same concerns. Copic coloring isn't as easy as it looks. I think you're doing a spectacular job. Check out some of my work on my blog: I am now a follower!

  10. Hi Sweetpea. I found you on the Outlawz as well and I know what you mean about blog traffic I don't get any where near as much as I did on my old one the new one is easier to use so not sure what it is. Anyway I have about 22 followers and thought there would be more but I will keep chugging along. I love the cuddlebugcuties as well an have a lot of the freebies that I play with. Yes and I agree with the images to be larger so you can practice. Your coloring is great. Something I love to do as well. I would love it if you would stop by my blog and become a follower as well. I will do that here as soon as I finish this entry. Good luck and keep in touch.
    Linda K. Happy Crafting.

  11. Thanks, guys. You all are so amazing and encouraging.

  12. Very cute.You do an great job with your copics.So fun to try so many colors on hair.I need to practice the blue on black hair.

    1. I'll try some swatches and post them. So stayed tuned.

  13. So cute! Fantastic coloring, she looks awesome. The shine on her boots is terrific and I love the hair color combo. I'm gonna have to give it a try, my blonds always seem to come out yellow and brassy. Yours looks so natural,I love it.
    Thank you so much for telling me you colored Maggie. It made my day. Big Hugs.