Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Practicing Highlighting Hair

One of the most daunting tasks of coloring and shading is coloring hair and skin.  You need to practice, practice, and practice some more.

This is my entry for the Outlawz Freebie Challenge.  It's Anne Fenton's image.  Anne has contributed many of her images for this challenge group.  A few weeks ago, I did another of her images where I colored and highlighted hair.  Well, I was so happy with it!   It took forever, and looked really good.

So what would I say about it now?  Uh....needs a lot of improvement.  Good thing is if you keep practicing you can get better. This one didn't take quite as long to color the hair, but I'm happier with it, the way it looks and the way it photographs.  I used Promarkers.  Forgot to separate my colors when I listed them, so I only know for sure I used tan for the highlights and Copics - E000, E00, E01, E20.
 1-White highlights 
2-Colored highlights - Tan 
3-Close up of colored highlights 
4-Other side with white hightlights 
5-Full colored hightlights - Tan 
6-Close up 
Hopefully somebody found this helpful.  After working with markers for over a year now, my advice is still the same.  You can read books and look at videos, then you have to practice.  Even if something turns out horribly, you have to look at it as a lesson, learn from it -- what you did, what you could have done, what you didn't do...that's the only way.  Pros only become pros by practicing.  No way to avoid it.  It's practice, practice, and then practice some more. 
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  1. Thanks for Sharing. It was helpful and your coloring is beautiful!

  2. I really admire marker artists! I thought I'd like using them as I used to love coloring, but learned pretty quick that it's not my thing. But I had to come see what you were doing when you posted on the circle MB! lovely work!

  3. Oh my, she is gorgeous! The hair, her it!

  4. Thanks Renee. I stop by the blog, but I still miss you.

  5. Go on with your bad self... great coloring!!! lol!!