Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Am I joining the Martha Stewart pep squad? My gift subscription to Martha Stewart Living

With one of my recent MS purchases, I received a one-year gift subscription to
MS Living. I usually avoid magazines like MS Living.  Quality magazines take time to fully appreciate, and I have magazines from 2006 I'm catching up on.

I just finished the November issue of MS Living -- I also have the December 2011 and the January 2012 issues -- and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's like a Martha Stewart DVD, without the DVD, and without Martha, but subscribers do have free online access.  I tore out pages I thought I would use like always, but I'm keeping the hard copies for my library. 

MS Living is true to Martha's style.  There are instructions for almost any craft item in the magazine and recipes for the food items.  Even the tear-outs are pure Martha.  They come out perforated and/or glued, so when you tear them out, you get a little booklet.  That is soooo Martha!

If you received a gift subscription, I hope you'll enjoy yours, too.

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