Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We have a new follower.  Welcome!  That makes six of us here.  I will try to make this a place of learning and time well spent when you stop by.

I posted this earlier on the Cricut MB:

"This paper came from PC, I think. I really can't remember, but it's with my other TC stuff from PC, so I'll make that assumption. It's a really good paper. It has a good feel; and as you can see from the pics, you can get good color on it.
   On this pic I used a lighter hand and much less ink. And on the backside of the pic you can see the saturation is near perfect, which is what you want to achieve. I'm learning that some folks don't want their ink to go through the paper, but so far this technique works for me.
  I'm still developing my own style of coloring with Copics. I will get familiar with the different papers out there, especially the ones you all suggest here on the MB.
  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom about Copics."

Thanks for stopping by!

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