Monday, January 23, 2012


Awwww.  Sooooo cute.  And it took many oopsies to get her that way.

I purchased this Magnolia stamp, “Tilda Longing,” from a seller on the Cricut MB.  It's a Magnolia stamp.  There are some really cool videos on the web about coloring Magnolia stamps.  I'm loving the MakeItCrafty channel onYoutube that was mentioned on the Cricut MB regarding coloring with Copics. 
Thanks, you guys, for sharing :)
On to the oopsies.  I was coloring this swatch late at night when I really should have been sleeping.  I decided to finish it at another time, so I propped it up on my E2 until later.  This is what happened in the meantime.

I could immediately see what happened but not why.  This has never happened to me before. The problem is that my ink didn't dry quickly.  Usually you don't have worry about Copics drying or staying "wet" for a long time. But because it was "wet" and I propped it up, the ink ran or migrated downward until it dried  :(

This one is more like what I was trying to achieve.  There's a big oopsie on it one, too. (Surprise. Surprise.) I didn't intend to color her skin this way.  Because of "wet" ink and accidentally getting my darker color on top of my medium color, she is much darker than intended. Some of the areas are nicely colored. Most of it is oopsie :(

This one is much better. Too bad I didn't stamp it right (her hand is messed up). The coloring on her face is pretty good, and the hair is not too bad.  Still working on staying in the lines.  Easier not to make a mess than to try to fix a mess.  The arm she has under her chin has really good coloring as well as her face and neck line. 
So what did I learn?
I learned that you need to know the properties of your paper when coloring with Copics so you can adjust your style to get the best effect from that particular paper.  I also learned not to prop up a "wet" project. You have to consider the amount of ink/color you lay down on certain papers.  Be patient and let an area dry before you try to "fix" a mistake.  Using the least amount of ink to achieve the color you want will speed up the drying time.
Please feel free to share your wisdom, thoughts, and comments on working with Copics here.  It would also be helpful if you let me know what, if anything, you would like me to post here.  I have stamping, cardmaking, and coloring projects that I would like to post, craft kits that I would like to make up to post, books I have, and tools I use, relate my experience and encourage you to comment on your experience, things that are not appropriate for discussion on the Cricut message board. I know there are lots of blogs and videos to keep up with.  If there is something you specifically would like to see or know about - tools, books, supplies - let me know.  If I have it, I'll tell you my experience with it.  I have lots of crafting stuff, but, then, don't we all. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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