Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cardstock or paper?


If someone were to ask me "Where do you get your paper?", I would normally say wherever I find a sale or have a coupon.   But I can remember when my answer would have been not just wrong, but confusing.   I would have answered with all my wisdom that you had to be careful to buy the thicker paper if you were making cards.  You may not be as dense as me, but here goes.  If this is an aha moment for you, know that you're not alone.

Thicker paper is usually called cardstock!   Papers are used to decorate or cover cardstock, for scrapbooking...pretty much everything but cards and boxes.  To make a card, you need cardstock.  To test this theory, you need only fold a sheet of paper and fold a sheet of cardstock to see which would hold up better as a card.  :)  Cardstock also works best for cutting with your die cutters.  Very few, if any, papers are thick enough for cards.  So make sure when you're looking for cardstock, you're not buying paper and vice versa.  

I have lots of paper that I ordered back in 2006 when I got my first Cricut to make cards only to find out it didn't work too well.  What a newbie!   Way back then you couldn't find cardstock like we have today and colors were limited.  Cardmaking had not quite caught on.

So hopefully knowing the difference between cardstock and paper will save you some time or money, or both.  If you're among those who are saying "duh" at this whole post, you know, "like who wouldn't know that", pray for those of us who are not as sharp as you that we soon will be and that our capabilities will not continue to diminish only to cause you to suffer yet another "duh" moment.  :)
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