Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pretty Little Flower Girl

Been working on this cute little digi.  It's a Robert Jackson image called "Flower Girl".  Isn't she just the cutest!
Her skin coloring is not what I was aiming for, but it's okay.  I learned from my new copic coloring guide that I've over blended and lost my shadowing and shading.  That's true.  I kept adding color, changing name it.   So not real happy about that.
The skirt of her dress is okay, but how about her curls and bows?  Pretty good, huh?  I aced those curls.  Trust me, it wasn't as easy as I'm making it sound.  It was hard work, but I'm so happy with them.   I'm not bragging; just happy with the way those curls came out.  You've got to learn to appreciate your own work.  If you don't, maybe nobody else will. 
I added glitter to her bouquet to give it a little bling since I made her beads blue.  Had to.  Got too much of the skin color on the beads.  Removed as much with blender pen, and then use the blue of the dress. 

Thanks to Robert Jackson for adding more images to his collection so soon after losing two of his close family members.  Our thoughts and prayers are still with you, Robert.  You might just want to go over and take a look at his new images and leave him some love.

I hope you like her, and as always --
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks, Mary. I'm happy you like her.

  2. You deserve a pat on the back for those curls. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I had to really concentrate on them. I did them first so if I messed up, I wouldn't have to do the whole image again.

  4. You did an excellent job and love her hair.

  5. Noticed the curls right away, you totally aced them! You have a fantastic blog, thank you for sharing your talent.