Thursday, October 25, 2012

Following Directions - A Sympathy Card

Okay, so I've been saying my cards suck.   I've also said several times that I know how to follow directions.

I've been receiving Cardmaker magazine since 2005, and I've been receiving Cardmaker card kits from Paper Wishes for most of that time as well.  I've been using the papers and embellisments for other projects.   Since I've finally admitted to myself that after trying really hard the last three years my cards still suck, I decided to stick with the kits.  My creative side tells me that eventually I'll be able to combine the two and use my colorings with cards from the kits. We'll see what that breeds in the future.

In the meantime I'm posting pics of my latest kit card.  It is a sympathy card.  Now that I have my ATG and Xyrons these cards come out sooooooooo much better.  I can put them together without any liquid glue, which always seem to make a mess of some kind on my cards.  If I see glue shine on a finished card, it gets scrapped and becomes a swatch. 

I also played around with the white balance and macro settings on my camera, and these cards are more real to color than my previous cards, and they are much lighter.   I'll probably make a post on what I did since it may help somebody else that may be frustrated with their pics.  Mine have always been too dark, even in daylight.  So what's up with that!

Here's my Sympathy Card.  I hope you like it.


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